How to apply

Each recipient must meet the following guidelines


  • Age- Must be under the age of 22 still enrolled in educational services, but not intended for students in higher educational programs. 
  • Geographic Area- Children must be located in a community within  Lincoln, Minnehaha, Turner, McCook, and Lake counties of South Dakota. 
  • Need- Children in homes that have suffered a temporary or long term financial hardship will be considered for requests that involve school and/or community activities (i.e., school band, sports programs, leadership workshops, pre-school, etc.)
  • Medical needs- Children with medical needs that require immediate and ongoing treatment. Requests for funds to help offset expenses to travel to medical treatment facilities out of the area will be considered.
  • Community-based organizations that provide on-site care for children that are abused neglected or abandoned.
  • RFK will also consider giving funds for children who are in need glasses, sports shoes, band instruments, project materials, fees to participate in camps, school trips, or related peer activities.
  • Complete terms and requirements can be found on the Grant Request Form.

Grant request forms must be completed by a 3rd party individual. Parents and guardians of the child applying for a grant are not able to complete the form. Acceptable 3rd party individuals may be (but are not limited to) teachers, community members, family friends, extended family members, pastors or other individuals who are aware and familiar with the child and the specific need of the child. 

Use the Grant Request Form to apply for a grant. The grant committee requests as much information as possible be included on the form. Attaching additional pages and pictures is accepted. Once completed, e-mail the form to If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our Grant Committee Chairperson. Each grant is reviewed case by case. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified and the grant disbursed. 


Grant Request Form

Grant Application (pdf)


Help Fund Grants

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